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May 3rd

Sorelle, May 3, 13 8:48 PM.
We are in the process of transitioning to the new website HERE

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April 21

Sorelle, Apr 22, 13 5:03 PM.
Good Freeking Job people, enjoy your day off and I`ll see you all on Wednesday for heroic modes.

 photo LeiShenKill_zps74d71e2a.jpg

April 15th

Sorelle, Apr 16, 13 1:08 AM.
Awesome end to a really good raid week. 

We have officially seen every phase of every fight BEFORE the LFR, congratulations everyone. 

 photo TwinConsortsKill_zpsb6e5634d.jpg

Lets get in there and farm the crap out of this place so we can kill Lei Shen and get our asses into heroic. 

April 14th

Sorelle, Apr 14, 13 11:43 PM.
Well we may have missed a week, but we're back at it now. 

Very nice job on Iron Qon everyone, we should get Twins tomorrow so be prepared for Lei Shen.

 photo IronQonkill_zps721d0ea2.jpg

April 1

Sorelle, Apr 1, 13 11:53 PM.
For a rotten start, this turned into a hellofa raid week... extra props to Azatos for pulling things together in the absence of almost everyone, and to all the pugs who made this possible.

 photo DarkAnimuskill_zps04473b2b.jpg

Happy Easter

Sorelle, Apr 1, 13 5:47 AM.
For all who were able to attend you did amazingly, for all who were not... well I guess we're unnecessary :P

 photo DurumuKill_zpseac45a48.jpg

March 24th

Sorelle, Mar 27, 13 6:13 PM.
Two bosses in one night! 

Apparently all it took was making sure that the people who were actually calling things could count, who knew. 

 photo JiKunkill_zpsf4bb66ef.jpg

Also Ji'kun may look like a bird, but she's actually a giant pussy.

March 17th

Sorelle, Mar 17, 13 10:13 PM.
What do you know, get 3 ranged and turtle go squish.

 photo TortosKill_zpse2216fff.jpg

Belatedly from March 11

Sorelle, Mar 15, 13 5:19 PM.
Because apparently I managed to screw it up the first time.

 photo CouncilofElderskill_zps8a8d7902.jpg

March 10th

Sorelle, Mar 11, 13 4:33 AM.
Nice job on the Horridon kill everyone, and nice mount Yorrick.

 photo HorridonKill_zps0628b6ec.jpg
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